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DLSO stands for Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal and refers to one of the most giant icons in basketball history. You would never expect a guy like him to dance so easily but his dance moves are just unique, great and probably better than yours!

Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal just means: do things your own way, without imitating and success will be assured.

This is a project that I curated for Coconut Studio.
We were asked by DLSO to design a new logo, new color palette, new Instagram layouts and, above all, a brand new website.

The restyling of the logo consists in the design of an ad hoc lettering. The movement embodied by the single letter L in the old logo, is now extended to the entire logo, giving life to different animations.
DLSO therefore comes in both static and dynamic versions, fluid and variable according to needs, to embody the dynamism of the music of which it tells us every day.

The Instagram layouts and the site structure have been redesign to facilitate more effective and immediate communication.

The website restyling starts from the definition of a new chromatic palette. Starting with the iconic green, already dominant in the old website, we have identified a new personal CMYK, with more vibrant and bold colors.

DLSO is tinged with CMYK revisited in RGB key. We know it may seem absurd, and it is a bit, but the idea is to respect DLSO’s mission: to broaden the horizons of its readers and anticipate trends. Cyan corresponds to green, the key color, which becomes stronger and brighter, followed by a magenta and a yellow charged with red tints, and the black wipes out the white of the background.

What hasn’t change at all is the desire to improve the experience of the readers and anticipate what you will listen tomorrow, today. 


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